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The Fastest Way to Financial Freedom is with the "Freedom Blueprint"... PERIOD!
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  • Freedom Blueprint ($5,497 Value)
  • NevYo Automation($2,997 Value)
  • 7 Day Success Story Gurantee ($1,997 Value)
  • Legacy Setters Community ($1,997 Value)
  • 24/7 Access To Me (Priceless)
  • NC Copy And Paste Templates/Scripts (Priceless)
  • Total Value: $12,488
  • Retail Price: $1997
  • Your Savings Today: $1,000
  • Immediate Lifetime Access For Just $997.
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 YES, it's finally time for me to succeed and live the life I truly deserve. It's finally time to chase my dreams instead of stressing about the next paycheck, being stuck in traffic every morning, give away 71% of my life to my boss & escape this caged life. 

I don't want to waste 3 years of my life away from my family and friends when I can just copy Neville's proven strategy.  

If I have any questions, Neville will respond until I'm happy. 
If I have any concern, Neville will guide me until I'm fulfilled. 
If I am confused, Neville will show me the way to success.
Become A Certified Legacy Setter
Results, Results & More Results
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What Will I Get?

You’ll be getting immediate lifetime access with constant updates to Freedom Blueprint a literal step by step guide on how to guarantee success in this business.

It will show you exactly how to get clients, my secret methods and tricks, how to talk to clients, how to close them on this irresistible offer, how to bring them amazing results and how to scale to your dream goal.

NevYo Automation will show you how to automate the process and essentially get new clients on autopilot even while you sleep, how to create a team of killer passionate people that want to help you achieve your dreams and scaling up to 100k per month.

7 Day Success Story Guarantee will give you a checklist that if you follow it the entire 7 days it pretty much guarantees that you get atleast one paying client. Does that sound fair?

You're also going to get access to the Legacy Setter Community. A community of like-minded individuals that want to achieve financial freedom ( or have already), what to hit their dream goals, impact lives of others positively AND leave a legacy of inspiration and motivation.

You're also going to get my NC Copy And Paste Templates. The literal exact templates that get me appointments consistently when I reach out to clients, the script and templates you need to follow to have a 100% success rate on appointments with clients AND the exact same marketing strategies you need to run for your clients. Literally all you have to do is look at the templates, copy and boom you're successful!

And finally... you're will have 24/7 access to me. Not in that way...

But if you have any questions, I will respond until you’re happy. If you have any concern, I will guide you until you’re fulfilled. If you are confused, I will show you the way to success.

Also you need to understand that with this business model you're only just one friend away... and Freedom Blueprint shows you everything you need to know that get that and beyond.

Q. Who is this for?

A. If you are a legacy setter, a person that wants to genuinely help other people and give an insane amount of value and receive a life changing amount of value in return and want to leave an impact that lives on past their generation on this planet and change lives for centuries to come, this is for you.

If you are tired of working 9-5, throwing away 71% of your life for other people's dreams, being stuck in traffic every single morning and want to ESCAPE as fast and easy as possible and get to live life on your own terms while achieving financial freedom., this is for you.

Q. Why should I invest in this exclusive offer?

A. Apart from the reason mentioned above, the risk is entirely on my hands. If you don't get the value that I promise will help you achieve your wildest dreams and increase your status drastically, then you get your money back AND an extra $100 for your time but if you do join and get value, you're going to make your investment back 100 fold. The only way you lose here is by not jumping in right now before the timer hits 00:00.

Q. Why should I buy this right now?

A. Look, you have two choices.You can either do nothing and NOT take this leap of faith which is 100% Risk Free OR you can pony up this tiny investment today and start your path towards the status and goal you desire. This $997 offer is going to end at midnight TONIGHT so click the button below RIGHT now and save your spot. I want people who are SERIOUS about their taking life in their own hands so I'm only going to leave this offer open till midnight for ONLY LEGACY SETTERS. After midnight passes, I'm going to take away this offer forever and you'd have to pay $1,997 to just get access to the main course (without the bonuses).

Q. Why is this worth $997?

A. I had two choices when it came to pricing the investment. I could’ve went as cheap as possible and try to sell as many as possible but that’s horrible right? 
I only want people who are fucking legacy setters not get rich quick scheme seekers. Also if I charge a low amount, I can’t give every single person my full undivided attention and your results would be not so good BUT The other option requires a little higher investment but in exchange I can devote all my resources and GUARANTEE your success and less competition. Are you okay with me over delivering and guaranteeing your success instead? I just want my success rate of my students to be 100% not 5%.

Also, you promised me in the webinar that as soon as you knew that becoming a legacy setter was the only possible way you can quit the rat race, achieve financial freedom and leave a legacy of success and inspiration you will go all in. 

And I proved that NevaYo Marketing Strategy was your only possible way to achieve that. You also agreed that you were going to give me $12,488 once  I proved that but now I'm only asking to only invest 8% of that in yourself!

Q. Has This Worked For Any Other Legacy Setters?
A. Scroll up.
the only legacy setter investment of...
You Will Get:
  •  Freedom Blueprint: 6 Core Training Modules
  •  BONUS: NevYo Automation:  Client Attraction And Team Building Automation
  •  BONUS: 7 Day Success Story Guarantee: One Client In 7 Days Blueprint
  •  BONUS: Legacy Setter Community: Like-Minded Family Of Entrepreneurs
  •  BONUS: NC Copy And Paste Templates: Copy-Paste Templates To Get Appointments, Clients & Results
  •  EXCLUSIVE BONUS: 24/7 Access To Me: I will respond until you’re happy. If you have any concern, I will guide you until you’re fulfilled. If you are confused, I will show you the way to success.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
So, What Does The "Freedom Blueprint" Have?
  •  Why It's DUMB Not To Go ALL IN On This Vehicle
  •  Why Clients Need To Be Dumb Not To Pay You
  •  Why Anyone Can Do This
  •  Why You Can Do Anything You Want (And How)
  •  Procrastination Killer
  •  Why People Fail With Courses And How To Guarantee Your Success
  •  How To Spot And Define Your Dream Clients
  •  My Little Known Linkedin Method That Generates Results Like Crazy
  •  Turning Your Linkedin Into A Client Acquisition Machine On Autopilot
  •  My "Group Posting Zeus" Method
  •  Facebook Prospecting Submarine Hancho
  •  Cold E-Mailing - 50% Appointment Scripts
  •  Irresistible Portrayal Of Appointments
  •  Setting Up Appointments
  •  Certainty, Patience, Close
  •  Perfecting Your Brain Prior To Appointment
  •  How To DESTROY Objections And Turn Them Into Favours
  •  How To Set Expectations And Over-Deliver
  •  How To Charge Premium Prices And Make It Obvious For Them To Sign
  •  Closing The Deal With Ease And Simplicity
  •  On-boarding Under 2 Minutes
  •  Process To Guarantee Results
  •  Advertising And Irresistible Offers
  •  Funnel Creation Like Brunson
  •  Email Marketing Follow-Ups To Get Clients Drooling
  •  Re-Marketing, The Creation Of Life-Time Fans
  •  If All Else Fails...
  •  Referrals On Auto-Pilot
  •  Replicating Yourself
  •  Scaling To 10k/month
  •  Scaling To 20K/month
  •  Scaling to 100K/month
*NOTE* These Are Only The Initial Lessons. New Lessons 
Based On What Students Want Will Be Added Regularly And Not Updated Here.
This List Also Includes All The Bonsues Mentioned Above.
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